“I wish they had taught me how to use money to help me plan for the future.  I would have had a clear idea of how to manage money and understand the real value of it.”

At i-stock, we understand that life has many values. Things like time, happiness and knowledge are all ideals that we hopefully, experience regularly. Money is often simply the vehicle that keeps these things moving throughout our lives, and its true value only becomes obvious through the way we use it.

Having strong financial values doesn’t always mean you have to be wealthy or even have a vast knowledge of all things finance.  Even if your bank account isn’t sky high, you can still be driven by financial values, enjoy growing your money, and find the perks beyond your pay slip that make money mean all the more to you. You can enjoy saving and growing your money.

But to really appreciate the value of money, you need to know how to manage it. It’s all about setting yourself a financial goal, whether long-term or short-term. They can give you some direction, stop you making fearful decisions and determine the importance of money during major life steps.
With these goals in mind, it’s possible that you reconsider the use of money day-to-day, thinking more about your purchases as you go. 

Learning how to budget and break down your payslip can set you on the right path to financial success. Read more tips of how to do this on our “Rule of Thirds” blog.

Life is unpredictable, but your money management shouldn’t be. Using i-stock can support you in achieving your financial goals with easy direct debits and constant accessibility.

Money management shouldn’t be an experience you dread, it should be an education; helping you to really start to understand the true value of your money, which in turn, can help you appreciate life’s true values.