What could have been if I’d known some of the benefits of investing earlier?

As the saying goes, “hindsight is a wonderful thing.” If I hadn’t had that last piece of brownie, would I be feeling less guilty now? If I’d just waited for five more minutes, would I have avoided this rain shower? It’s all the same, especially when it comes to money. And especially when it comes to the lessons we learn around money. 

But hindsight shouldn’t really matter when it comes to investing. Yes, the earlier you start, the longer you can reap the rewards. But whatever time in life you learn about investing, and whatever time you begin to invest, it’s already better than simply never recognising it, or simply never doing it at all.

It’s important to note the difference between savings and investing. Savings are a sensible starting point to investing, providing funds you need for emergencies or future purchases. Investing however, goes one step further, helping you achieve your long-term goals. Saving means setting aside part of today’s money for tomorrow, investing means putting your money to work to potentially earn a better return over the longer term, and whether you began when you’re 15, 25 or 35, investing can be a great positive. We’ve explored just some ways it can impact your life.

Growth your wealth
There are a hundred and one ways to invest and grow your money, but if you’re serious about getting your money to work for you, having an investment plan ready for you and your life goals is one way of potentially securing some success. You can start the plan at whatever stage you begin your journey and progress with it for as long as you need.

Stress-free retiring
Fabulously, humans are currently living longer on average than ever before.  Good news for our health, but perhaps putting a slight strain on our finances and financial plans.  Any money you decide to invest now, or even within the next few years, could grow to be a good financial support system for you in your later years. Don’t forget, you’ll no longer be dependent on a working salary, so whatever funds you can pull together and grow for when you retire, should always be appreciated.

Beat inflation
The cost of living is consistently on the rise, and investing can be a brilliant teammate to run alongside in today’s inflation race. Investing in assets capable of delivering returns for your money, and with the potential to grow your capital, could help you manage the cost of living day-to-day.

Fit your own circumstances
Flexibility is often key to a happy life and the same applies to your finances. Investments can change as your life’s desires do. You can invest lump sums as and when you can, or smaller regular amounts in a monthly investment plan. In the case of most funds, no-one is holding you to a ransom to invest every single week or month, there might just be a minimum amount you can. You also don’t have to do it straight away if you don’t have the funds available.  The ideal thing about investing, is you can get it to work for you. You should always be in the driving seat.