i-stock provides a Game Changer – turn your back on mediocre investments.

Interest rates on cash deposits may be near rock bottom but because of fear, or perhaps a lack of knowledge, investors are reluctant to move any money, leaving it to get battered and bruised in a neglected account.

With i-stock, investors can find a juicy new solution to vamp up their investments. The new app allows account holders to instruct for withdrawals and deposits to be made at any time, with no charge or penalties.

 Furthermore, it’s possible to revive an existing, bruised account by transferring it to i-stock. * These accounts don’t need to miss out on the juicy goodness of i-stock. 

 The whole process of moving accounts is monitored by the i-stock team, so investors have no complicated procedures to complete. By transferring an existing ISA to i-stock, they have access to i-stock’s benefits for their wider saving pots.

In the process of these transfers, any unused ISA allowance for the year is unaffected. Is there anything juicier than that? 

*Any investments within a Stocks and Shares ISA must be sold to cash, before being transferred to i-stock. iStock will then open a new Stocks and Shares ISA. Cash ISAs can be transferred directly.

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